I started tattooing in 2005 in Canon City, CO. I hung out at the local tattoo shop and became friends with the local artist and he helped me understand cross contamination, sterility, and sterilization procedures. I spent many days, weeks, and even months cleaning the shop, scrubbing tubes, and watching him tattoo. Not being able to actually tattoo in the studio, I created a private studio in my home following the Denver, CO tattoo health regulations. Canon City didn’t have any at the time. I wanted to expand from a private to a public studio, and opened my own studio. Knowing what I know now, that was super foolish, but it did help me build some relationships that ultimately lead me to being invited to work at another studio. It was considerably nicer, and my partners and I felt the move would provide better options for us professionally. I spent two years at that studio and we decided to go off on our own again and reopen our studio under the same name, EvoTat Tattoo.

We spent three years at EvoTat before deciding to pursue other ventures, and I moved to Colorado Springs where I worked at several studios, and even helped invest and relocate one. I guest spotted in Denver, CO for a short time, and even guested for a short period at my dear friend Cody Buck’s studio in Black Forrest, CO called, Buckin Tattoo. After that I made some awesome friends back in Colorado Springs at Skin Evolution in downtown Springs before guesting and moving to Indiana. I spent two and half years at studio in Wabash, and after wanting to expand my own life, my wife and I moved to Muncie, IN and I now reside at Lucky Rabbit Tattoo and Body Piercing.

I have had the opportunity to do many guest spots, and even conventions in Colorado Springs and Denver, CO; Chicago, IL; Baltimore, MD; and St. Louis, MO.


Mission Statement
I work very hard to create unique, and original pieces of work. Sterility, cleanliness, good techniques concerning tattooing and healing, and finding inspiration through the client's stories. I love to do work that tells a story through images all the while maintaining a custom environment without plagiarism.