Frequently Asked Questions

 How long have you been tattooing?
Since 2005.

What is the weirdest tattoo you’ve ever done?
I think it’s weird to want other people’s tattoos. For example, when people bring in pictures of actual tattoos. I also think it’s weird that people don’t grasp the concept that thousands, if not millions of people look at Google and Pinterest and will more times than not pick the same tattoos or art and think they are the only ones that have ever seen those pictures.

For a generic answer, I once tattooed a demon lady with four snakes coming out of vagina. I would really like to redesign that tattoo. Haha

Will I copy whatever picture you bring in?
No. Plagiarism is a crime and unacceptable. If you would like me to copy a picture I have plenty of flash and sketches available for you to peruse that I am willing to copy. I render everything, everything.

Can I send you a picture of the tattoo I want covered?
No. You must visit the shop. I must see the tattoo because more times than not I have encountered people who cannot take a clear photo, and do not know how to communicate what their tattoo looks like. There’s certain things I need to know, and people don’t know how to give me that information.